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1. What is a healthcare plan?

A healthcare plan is a complete health solution package which takes care of all genres of health coverage, starting from doctor’s consultation to post-treatment care. It is broader to insurance coverage and can be availed at reduced costs.

2. Why should I buy a healthcare plan?

A healthcare plan not only insures your life and also your loved ones. It can be availed any time of the year and provide better coverage than health insurance.

3. How are you different from the insurance companies?

Unlike insurance, our company not only bears the covered treatment costs, but also provides discounts on medicines, diagnostic tests, post-treatment care, ambulance & emergency services, and other healthcare services throughout the year, per the plan the client bought.

4. Do you provide healthcare coverage under EMIs?

Yes, healthcare coverage is possible. You can avail of it solo or include your family members with easy-cost EMIs. Advise the inquirer to surf our website to learn more about plans and EMIs.

5. How often can I avail the service of Teleconsultation under the healthcare plan?

There is a fixed number of consultations that can be availed under one particular plan. The inquirer is requested to browse through the details of the plans present on our website or they can call or WhatsApp [XXXXXXXXXX] to learn more.

6. Is a specialist doctor available in this plan?

Yes, specialists and general physicians are both available in Watchful Eye’s health care plan.

7. Is there any age limit to purchase healthcare plans?

No. The healthcare plan is customized to cater the needs of the young, adults, and elderly. A person of any age is eligible to avail healthcare plans under Watchful Eye.

8. Can a person opt for more than one healthcare plan?

Yes, entirely. But a kind reminder to mention the extended nominees under the plan the customer bought to reduce the misuse of the plan.

9. Can I upgrade my healthcare plan with no extra cost, or extend it to my family?

Yes, upgradation is possible and can be done as per the customer’s requirement. Only the added cost of the upgraded plan will be asked to pay by the customer. Yes, you can extend your healthcare plan to your family members, if they are nominees.

10. My family member has a chronic medical disorder. Can I avail the treatment costs under my healthcare plan? The family member is not mentioned under the nominee.

Healthcare plan is extended to family members, those who are nominees. If you wish to add another member under your health plan, cost will be revised per the plan.

11. Are the rehabilitation facilities available at home?

Yes, homecare and on-site rehabilitation are both available under Watchful Eye. The paramedics under WE are all registered professionals with prior documentation done and can be made available to customers anytime, only & if required.

12. What happens if you have a healthcare plan through your employer and you leave your job?

Employer-sponsored health plans come under the Corporate Wellness program. If you leave your job, it is up to you if you wish to continue the health plan or not. Watchful Eye always back you and your health, and is willing to maintain your insurance coverage at easy and reduced cost installments.