Employee Wellness

Promoting Employee Wellness leads to

  • Higher productivity
  • Elevates employee’s engagement
  • Boosts their morale and commitment
  • Improve the employees’ mental and physical health
  • Decrease job turnover
  • Favourable by taxes

Create a positive work culture that attracts, retains, and motivates employees. Become a greater force at work

Health And Wellness Services

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Emergency assistance is an added care provided to patients in their dire times. It can be availed 24*7 and are rescue services which ensures safety and health of the patient by giving pre-hospital treatment to them. Ambulance services and hospitalization assistance are available under emergency care. Registered Paramedics assist the patient and its family in stabilizing the illness or injury until any definitive care is provided.

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Client Testimonials Heart to heart


“Covid took a lot from me. If it was not for my caregiver, Ms. Kajal, I didn’t think I would make it through the next year. She was caring, patient, and very attentive to me. She took care of my medications, doctor’s appointment, and maintained my mental health with her sweet smiles and talks. I am grateful to Watchful Eye for giving me such a kind-hearted caregiver”

Mrs. Kamlesh Guleria

“Prakash helped me with a lot of things. Besides taking care of my medicines and doctor’s appointment, Prakash was also keenly responsible for my bathing, grooming, and checking vitals. He cleaned regularly, kept my devices organized, and cooked for me. With Watchful Eye, my appointments became easier, my medicines were delivered timely, and I was provided with appropriate equipment on rent as well.”

Mr Rajesh Gehlot

“It was Mr. Naveen, Emergency Assistant, who was able to relieve our state of panic and got us an ambulance to take to the hospital. The admission procedure was smooth and my father was treated immediately. Later with Watchful Eye, we found a professional nurse who took care of my father and helped him recover by a lot.”

Mr. Saket Hariya

“The doctor told me my cognitive abilities are declining. I took a second opinion via teleconsultation and my secondary care provider relieved my anxiety. The doctor introduced rehabilitation therapy and nursing care to me. To this date, they are with me and I cannot be more grateful. I am on medications and my diagnostics are always on time. I thank Watchful Eye for being my helping hand during my time of need.”

Mrs. Sara Zubain

“I fainted at that time. My family told me how Watchful Eye helped them. The ambulance came to our house within 30 minutes. Abhinav, our special support assistant guided my wife and son with the hospital admission, OPD, and medicines. I even availed my caretaker from them under my health plan. Vaishali, my carer, monitored my diet, physical activity, and my mental health. I am truly grateful to Watchful Eye. They not only helped me but also my wife and my young son.”

Mrs. Sara Zubain

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